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Welcome IT Federation Nepal (ITFN)

IT Federation Nepal (ITFN) is a National umbrella organization established by ICT professionals, students and associations to develop and promote Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the socio-economic development of the country. ITFN is a non-profit, non-political membership-driven organization that provides professional advice, guidance, support and recommendations as a partner and strive to shape and lead the strategic direction of ICT industry in Nepal. Membership is available and open to students, professionals and institutions who contribute in the development and promotion of ICTs.

ITFN works as a Think Tank that provides a common platform for gaining competitive edge with the recent advances in ICT. ITFN is committed to help all sectors achieve greater success through access to trainings, interaction, seminars, workshop and conferences on full utilization of ICTs, ICT Research and Development, programs on ICT Entrepreneurship, Social development and Economic growth.