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About ITFN

IT Federation Nepal (ITFN) is a National umbrella organization established by ICT professionals, students and associations to develop and promote Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for the socio-economic development of the country. ITFN is a non-profit, non-political membership-driven organization that provides professional advice, guidance, support and recommendations as a partner and strives to shape and lead the strategic direction of ICT industry in Nepal. Membership is available and open to students, professionals and institutions who contribute in the development and promotion of ICTs.

ITFN works as a Think Tank that provides a common platform for gaining competitive edge with the recent advances in ICT. ITFN is committed to help all sectors achieve greater success through access to trainings, interaction, seminars, workshop and conferences on full utilization of ICTs, ICT Research and Development, programs on ICT Entrepreneurship, Social development and Economic growth.


ITFN is a leading society for ICT Professionals and the community of knowledge for the current and next generation leaders that continues to support in delivering prosperity and competitiveness by exploiting ICTs and create a cohesive community inclusive of scholars, researchers and professionals for sharing experience, discussing challenges and opportunities.


To serve all sectors of society delivering relevant technology and leadership education, research and information on cutting edge technologies through exchange of knowledge and act as a bridge between local ICT industry, government and International organizations.

We are the voice of ICT committed to raise awareness by promoting the significant contribution that ICT can make to commerce and industry, economic prosperity and effectiveness in all areas of developments including social, agriculture, environment, health, education and public services.

Achieving our mission we focus on the growth of an innovative ecosystem that:

  • Play role in supporting IT policies and code of ethics shaping the future of ICT industry.

  • Assist to revitalize and empower our youth work-force with competence and professionalism that will make a positive and    significant impact to our Nation building.

  • Advocate in creating a positive environment to explore innovative capacity and stronger productivity across all sectors through the strategic use of technology as well promote active and significant role of ICT Council in all areas ICT governance.


  • Promote – Research & Development.

  • Up skilling new and existing workforce.

  • Promoting and communicating benefits of IT professionalism.

  • Facilitating by providing information, guidance and support.

  • Networking, Conferences, seminars and roundtables.

  • Linking between experts from industry, academic and business to promote new thinking,    education and knowledge sharing.

  • Boards and associations – ensuring ICT industry voice is heard

  • Governments – influencing, advocating and collaborating with government bodies to establish good working practices, skills frameworks and common standards.

  • International representations.

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